Where is my refund? Tired and frustrated over inconsistent answers from Sears

I made an in-store DEBIT card purchase of a washer and dryer for $1500+ (SALESCHECK #016481990058) on 10/12. Got a call 7AM the day of delivery (10/19) insisting that I haven’t purchased a stackable kit, which should have been included with the dryer (as assured by in-store associate and stated on product specs). My delivery address was also wrong. Frustrated, I cancelled my order that same morning of 10/19 by calling 1-800-732-7747 and was told by an operator that I would receive an email confirmation within 48 hours and my full refund within 7-10 days.

No email confirmation in 48 hours made me nervous so I called again, where another operator stated that no such method was available to them, and that I should just wait for the refund. Contradictory, but whatever.

10/23 rolls around, and the status for SALESCHECK #016481990058 shows up as “DELIVERED”! Outraged, I decided to chat with a online operator this time, who confirmed the 10/19 cancellation of my order, and assured me that I’ll have my refund within 3 to 5 days by 10/28.

No refund by 10/28. Tremendously frustrated I contact both the delivery number and online chat. Delivery this time insisted that I will be refunded within 10 BUSINESS days of cancellation, while online responded by forwarding my complaint to their “concerned department” and assures me I will be refunded in 48-72 hours. Both of these dates coincided with 11/1 so I decided to wait.

Today is 11/2 and my refund is still in limbo. Complaining to customer service only nets me with robotic, scripted responses of apologies and assurances to wait additional 3 to 5 days. The “concerned department” obviously did nothing, and the salescheck link on still shows the status as delivered. I have no idea if my refund will be a mailed check or debit back. No other refund process has ever been this inconsistent and infuriating.

Sears has robbed my of my $1500+ and I don’t even have a washer and dryer to show for it. So where is my refund?


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  1. Hello steveonashi,

    We thank you for informing us about this matter. We would be happy to connect you with one of our case managers to assist you with your refund concerns. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (steveonashi), phone # used at time of purchase to

    Thank you,
    Dianne D.
    Social Media Moderator
    Social Media Support Team

  2. Hi steveonashi,

    We appreciate you sharing your experience with us so that we can help you further in making this right! I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time.

    I would like to escalate your concerns to our Sears Cares team so that they can help you with the status of your refund.

    Please know that once our team responds I will be reaching out via email to re-connect you back to your original thread so that you can make further contact with our team.

    Thank you!

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