Where is my refund?

First, I have never experienced more incompetent customer service than I have with Sears. Second, I WANT my refund. Before you suggest emailing you, I’ve already sent this information without a response to:,,

I will initiate a charge back on the original transaction if you do not credit my card by the end of this week.

Order #: 427633051
Layaway Contract #: 093000438239

Nov 16, 2012: Placed order for item online for layaway at Store #: 0001009
Nov 17, 2012: I noticed a $70 “Layaway Delivery Charge” bundled into the price of the item on the receipt. I sent a question to Sears Customer Service about the delivery charge
Nov 19, 2012: Received response from Sears Customer Service “Per your order details, I see that you have not been charged for the layaway delivery.” I replied to Sears Customer Service for a better explanation because there is clearly a “Layaway Delivery Charge” on the order
Nov 21, 2012: Received response from Sears Customer Service “I am sorry to inform you that this delivery charge of $69.99 is the standard delivery charge. We will be unable to reverse the charge.” I then decided that I will not risk having to deal with this quality of customer service again so I will not do business with Sears.
Nov 21, 2012: I physically went into Store #: 0001009 and cancelled the order. (Side note: Store staff did not know what the “Layaway Deliver Charge” was for.)
Nov 27, 2012: I checked with my bank and haven’t received the $168 refund. I then logged into my Sears account and noticed the Layaway contract still has an “Active” Status under Layaway Manager. I then called and spoke to about 6 different people at Sears with no resolution or information about the status of my refund. Instead, I was bounced in circles from the store to online support to rebates to wherever you can imagine.


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  1. Wow! I just got a voice mail from Sears that my layaway payment is late! I'm going to refrain from typing what I want to say because I can't think of a politically correct way to express my thoughts about the caliber of Sear's staff.

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      Layaway will auto-cancel 7 days after the payment was due.

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      Civsci - Yes but how much will it cost the now lost client?

  2. KCSeattle,
    My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalation team. I saw your post today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. I am very sorry to see that you had such a disappointing experience with your online order. Per our records, I see your case manager has reached out to you via email on 11/29/2012. Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank, you Liz R. My Sears Social Media Moderator

  3. Hi KCSeattle! I am so sorry to hear that you haven't received that refund, yet. I just sent you an email requesting more information. We will have someone directly reach out to you to help.

    Keep us posted on the progress! The escalation team will do what they can to get this taken care of for you.

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      Received an email response from Debra M. (pmaroli),Sears Customer Care this morning:

      "Please be advised that layaway orders are handled at store. We do not have access to these orders. I recommend that you contact store where your layaway was initated. they will assist you with the refund of the items."

      My thoughts:
      1) I placed the order online and I can fully view the order details from the Internet, but you can't view the order from Sears Corporate? Do you not have Internet access in your office?

      2) I told you that the local store said they could not help me and to contact Corporate.

      I am done running around. Charge back happens tomorrow.

  4. The Layaway Delivery Charge applies to items that are scheduled for home delivery instead of local pick up. It is possible you may have accidentally clicked the option for delivery instead of store pick-up on the website. It is the same cost as any other delivery.

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      Even if I had accidentally selected delivery, the item was listed as a free delivery item. I didn't really care about the charge, I cared about the inability of Sear's customer service to explain and fix the charge. I now only care about ensuring my refund is credited back to my account. I will not buy anything from Sears again.

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      What kind of item was it? Frequently, people see the "Free Shipping" and assume it refers to anything over $49, but it doesn't apply to "home delivery" items (in other words, not shipped by UPS or the USPS). If it was something in appliances, lawn & garden (lawnmower, tractor, etc.), a television, exercise equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, etc.), or home improvement (compressors and other large, heavy items), those are home delivery items. Was your purchase from any of these categories?

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      Seriously? Am I in the Twilight Zone?


      Why don't you read/listen to what your customers say? I didnt post here to have a discussion about delivery fees. I posted here because I am completely frustrated with Sears. I believe I made this very clear in my original post and follow-up post.

      Customers, pay attention because this thread illustrates the incompetence that you'll likely experience.

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      Twilight Zone, Sears? Yep!! I agree, it is the runaround that is very off putting, I don't do anything spoken with stores anymore, everything is electronic and I save every word of it.

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      You said it was a "free shipping" item. If you think it was a wrongful charge, and your desire to cancel the purchase is built around this wrongful charge, wouldn't you at least like to know if it was a wrongful charge or if you were simply mistaken? If user error is the cause of a problem, and we only blame the thing and never once consider if the user is the cause of the problem, won't we necessarily end up resolving ourselves to a future of continued difficulties centered around the same user error? If trying to help you understand the root of your frustration (what you perceive to be a wrongful charge) isn't what you wanted, that does indeed contradict exactly what you said you were trying to do in your original post. If someone can give you the information you wanted to help you understand what you're seeing on your sales receipt, and you've expressed a desire for that, it seems rational to take advantage of the opportunity to get the exact thing that was sought in the first place. If you didn't want that information, then the whole backstory and the entire premise of wrongful charges and the quest for answers about what those charges were for was rather irrelevant. If relevant information is offensive to you, I don't know what to tell you. You wanted answers. We tried to find them. You said you didn't want the answers you said you wanted. If you don't want answers, we'll stop trying to find them. If trying to reduce user error to reduce customer frustrations is unacceptable to you, that's fine. I don't agree with it, but that's your prerogative.

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      Your inability to understand my problem only continues to validate that I was correct to cancel this order.

      I will explain this to you like you are five years old:

      I do not care about the delivery charge.
      I am getting the ultimate run-around by everyone at Sears.
      I only want my refund.

      Below is a verbatim example of what I experienced with Sears Customer Care.

      Email to Sears Customer Service:
      Me: Why is a "Layaway Delivery Charge" of $69.99 bundled into the price of this order?

      2 Days Later...
      Avery V. (avijaya)Sears Customer Care: Per your order details, I see that you have not been charged for the layaway delivery. The price description of the charges is as follows.

      Merchandise total: $769.98.
      Delivery charge: 0.00.
      Tax: $73.15.
      Total: $843.13.

      Me: Look at the order again. The item is $699.99 so the merchandise total should not be $769.98. Please give me a better answer.

      Another 2 days later...
      Harold B. (abiswa0),Sears Customer Care: I am sorry to inform you that this delivery charge of $69.99 is the standard delivery charge. We will be unable to reverse the charge.

      **End Example

      I didn't ask for the charge to be reversed. I cancelled the order because Sears was unable to answer my question after five days. If I were to ever have a problem with an item purchased from Sears, I did not want to have to deal with Sears Customer Care.

      Again, the only thing I care about at this point is getting my refund. That's it.

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      Sears has multiple channels for contact beside email, such as phone and even chat, where resolution would have occurred in less than 30 minutes.

      Im afraid you will be charged a cancellation fee on cancellation as per the Layaway contract.

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      Now THAT was simple enough for a 5-year old to understand and took up a lot LESS ROOM to try to read and understand, which I imagine 5 year olds have to contend with, too.

      It is interesting, if you read down far enough, to find out the order originated via an Internet transaction.

      So, everyone else is playing catch-up to an order that may have not been properly set up by the Poster, who is mad at everyone else's not being able to fix the original order.

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      To AdamO - On the twelfth line of the original poster's first post it states that the order was placed 'online'.

      Even if the original poster (OP)did make an error in submitting his/her original order that is no excuse for two different Sears employees to give widely varying 'stories'. The situation is further compounded by the fact that the OP physically visited a store to cancel the order, and appears to have left the store under the impression that the order was cancelled, yet the order still has an 'Active Status'.

      No wonder the OP is a little 'Teed Off'.

      Please also note that the OP is not trying to 'fix' the order but just get it cancelled and obtain his/her refund in a timely manner.

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      To Civsci - Where is THAT Internet screen?

      Aren't lay-a-ways "store specific" transactions?

      But, the order was generated on-line...

      Hopefully, someone who has experience with the WHOLE system will be able to help this poster.

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      These are the terms from online:


      Contract cancellations not allowed online and must be done at the store designated at contract initiation
      Layaway contracts must be picked up in store where the merchandise is being held within 15 days after final payment is made and merchandise is made available

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      Layaway online has existed for awhile, but the delivery option for merchandise online was just added last month. If the provisions for layaway I posted up there are correct, Online cannot cancel the layaway, and as far as im aware, central Deliveries do not belong to any store, unless Sears still transmits the order to an unspecified store, since you do not designate a store like you would for an item being picked.

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      *for an item being picked up"

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      Civsci - Re your post of December 1, 2012 at 10.53pm. That sounds like a real winner for Sears. That clause allows them to ship it to the incorrect store and insist that the client travel to that store to try and cancel the order, or pick it up, and then charge the client for their inefficiency. Wonderful. I do love the bit about when the merchandise is made available, some of the other posts have indicated that this could be months after the final payment.