Which kind of wire to use with sears cooktop Sears Elite 30″ model#76044573000 We have a 3 wire power source and the new cooktop is 4 wire. Not sure what to use or how to hook-up.


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  1. mondayblues; The model number provided does not come up as a valid model number. If this is a new cooktop, follow the installation instructions for connecting the pigtail to the power source. Generally speaking, the cooktop power supply cord is hardwired into the electrical junction box. The 4 wires are likely Red, Black, White and green or it could have bare wire for ground. The Black wire would connect to line one voltage (L1), Red would connect to line two voltage (L2), White would connect to Neutral and the Green wire would connect to the ground wire. I hope this is helpful. You may want to consider calling an electrician to connect the cooktop to the power source.

  2. Hi there, mondayblues! That's a good screen name! Thanks for posting your question about your cooktop today. One of the Appliance Experts can let you know the correct wire you need to hook this up for you.

    Once they respond with an answer, I will directly reach out to let you know.


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