Which pipes are needed for venting a microwave through the ceiling and out the roof. I\’m using a fan tech RE 10XL on the roof with an independent variable speed switch near the stove. The fan is a 10\

I have ordered a new cabinet for above the microware that with spacers, etc. will reach the ceiling; 36.75″ above and into the attic; 8′ joists, and 11′ 4″ to vent hole currently through roof.


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  1. Most of the microwaves with hoods are designed to vent directly to the outside of the home through 6" round ducting. A 3 1/4" X 10" to 6" round adapter is normally used to connect the exhaust at the top of the microwave to the 6" round ducting. You can normally use up to 140 equivalent feet of exhaust path for most models without using a separate external fan. You can check the guidelines for the model that you are installing. The specific requirements should be in the installation instructions for your microwave. If you need more help, post that model number of your microwave and we will try to assist you further.

  2. Hi TexasKitchen! What kind of microwave are you installing? I will send this along to the Appliance Team, but I think it will be helpful if you could provide the model number for your microwave. Thanks!