Who is responsible for Craftsman Club coupon errors?

As much as I have problems with, I still recommend Craftsman tools as a low-cost alternative to indutrial-grade tools. I also recommended the Craftsman Club to my co-workers, because of the two coupons you get for signing up. However, when they received their coupons, they all had the same errors. The “Lawn & Garden” coupon arrives already expired, and the “Tools” coupon registers in the Sears system actually as a “Lawn & Garden” coupon. I tried to help your business, but this sort of thing immediately pushes away new customers. Please don’t respond with info about contacting someone else, because I don’t have these newer coupons. Plus, it sounds idiotic to tell everyone that they have to contact customer service just to use a simple coupon at Sears.


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    What tool is Lawn & Garden?

    How would having a Lawn & Garden coded item prevent a coupon from working?

    Were any of the tools you bought have "Electrical Department - 34 department codes?

    How would having a non-tool, Department 9, item derail your coupon?

    This has been kind of a confusing post...

    1. Well, Sears and it's sister websites are confusing in general. There are two coupons in the welcome email from the Craftsman Club, one for a Tools purchase and one for a Lawn & Garden purchase.

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    There don't seem to be any specific product - model number specifics mentioned in your post.

    Are you talking about the Craftsman Club Flyer arriving too late to be valid during the week out of the month the Saver Days sales are active?

    Or, possibly the flyer came on time, before the sales period was scheduled to begin.

    Next month's June sale is going to be active from the 2nd to the 8th.

    None of the flyer sale items will be priced at the flyer prices till the 2nd and they'll almost miraculously click off sale after the 8th.

    Are you bringing in the coupon, with sale date, in with you to the store?

    When I worked for Sears, the store was allowed to match prices on advertising "glitches".

    1. Flyers? Are you saying the Club still mails out printed media? I was referring to the welcome EMAIL from Craftsman Club, which contains two coupons. My co-workers attempted to use their coupon codes on, and they all ran into the exact same errors. They didn't try the coupons at a store, because the local Sears shutdown a while back. And yes, the coupons state that they can be redeemed online.

  1. Hi Mit_1! I am so glad to hear you are a loyal Craftsman tool enthusiast! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us on those coupons. I am so sorry you have had issues using them. I will be sure to pass your feedback on to the Craftsman Club team.

    Thanks, again!

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      Thank you for forwarding my concern. Please post a notice here when the problem is corrected, so I can inform my co-workers to try the coupons again.

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      My co-workers were asking if the problem was resolved, so I told them to give the codes another try. Now, the Tools coupons that were registering as Lawn & Garden coupons on, are no longer recognized by the Sears system at all. Looks like someone tried to tinker with the problem and JUST MADE IT WORSE.

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      Any updates on this? One of my co-workers tried his coupons yesterday, and both are still broken.

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      Hi Mit_1,

      Feedback has been sent to the appropriate department and we understand that you did not want contact info. For further information please call 1-800-469-4663 or Craftsman Club Membership, call 1-800-682-8691.

      They will be able to help further and provide you with the information that you are needing on these specific coupons.

      Thank you!

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      Called the Craftsman Club phone #, and they had no clue about any errors with their coupons. My co-workers told me not worry about it, because they've already decided it's not worth the hassle to deal with Sears. I sometimes wonder if you all are trying to purposely fail.