Who watched the Big Game?

What a great game! So fun to watch-my kids were rooting for the Ravens, so it was nice to them win. Definite nail biter after that crazy blackout!

What did you all think? Did your team win?


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  1. Hello Julie,

    I'm sure you will remember me as TheTradesman.
    The MySears system has changed indeed!

    I would have preferred a private delivery of this message
    as an effort towards diplomacy but could not find
    the avenue to do so.

    In a nut shell, I'm attempting to delete my associations
    to the Sears Communities across the board.
    All rewards, accrued points etc etc.
    It seems to be my only course of action available
    to stop The Manage My Life system from swamping
    my email with deliveries that I do not want.
    I have selected to have no email delivery
    from that community, yet I get dozens delivered anyway.

    Since my association with Manage My Life as an Expert
    contributor was a flop in regards to abuses I suffered
    by an SHC Expert member within the community,
    deleting my associations is the most logical solution.

    I did however truly enjoy helping Sears consumers with
    their problems but I think I was a threat in some curious
    way to the SHC community covert-bully.

    Can I get this deleting done without conflict or efforts to
    discourage me from doing so?

    Best Regards Julie,

    I always enjoyed our community connection
    and I still Love Sears!

    1. In response to TheTradesman

      Hey Tradesman! So nice to see you on here! I just responded to your concerns via email. Check your personal email inbox for my reply.

    2. In response to TheTradesman

      Sorry to see you go.
      Those of your technical posts that I read I found helpful.
      Hope your health matters are under control.
      Good Luck in your future endeavors.

    3. In response to TheTradesman

      @ inquisitivemind:

      Thanks to the thorough help Julie provided, she was able eliminate my MML connection while keeping my other Sears associations intact.
      This makes me very happy!

      I'll be stopping by often to deposit my two cents on the discussion boards.

      My health is much better and matters under control.

      I am glad my technical posts were helpful.

      Best Regards "TheTradesman"

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