Why are cycle lights continually coming on on my quiet tumble action washer?

I unplugged the washer, thinking there may be an electrical issue. Is it safe to use?


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  1. There are cycle lights and status lights. If the status lights, door lock, wash, rinse, final spin and control, are blimking they will indicate which error code you have. The five lights will blink, pause 2 seconds then blink again. The number of blinks would indicate the 2nd number of the error code. The Start light blinking will indicate the 1st number of the error code. You can press and hold the Start and Pause/Cancel buttons simultaneously to bring up the error code. As long as you hold the two buttons in the error code will flash. If the cycle lights are flashing then likely you have a stuck keypad. You should be able to select any and all cycles even if they will not run. I hope this helps. See if you can bring up an error code and reply back with any additional details.

  2. SusanMarieE: Hello, If the cycle lights are coming on randomly, I suspect it could have a faulty touch panel or it could be signaling a fault code if you do not have digital display. Having the model number of your washer would be most helpful in providing model specific information. If you could supply the model number and let us which cycle lights are coming on, we can provide additional information.

    1. In response to SHC-JoeyS

      Model #41748112701, Serial #XC75208396 purchase date 1/8/08.

  3. Hi there, SusanMarieE! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for your question today. I know an Appliance Expert will be able to give you an idea on what could be wrong with your washer. If have a feeling he will ask for your model number, as well. That is super helpful in identifying the exact issue and giving you the most accurate answer.

    Once a reply is posting, I will be sure to directly reach out to you via email so you can see the response.


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