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      • San Jose, CA

    The tractor front wheels are "toed-in" to make some of those really tight turns, like mowing around the "bird bath", as seen on one of the ads, without tearing up your lawn from having made such a tight turn.

    My tractor spends a good deal of time towing a trailer.

    So. Tight turns have not really been a priority.

    What you want for this 2 car train arrangement is a "turning circle" to make a nice... slow and easy set of turns, at key places through out one's property.

    Go too fast and you'll loose stick tools and maybe even yard waste out of the trailer bed.

    It also helps to keep the tractor tires at their recommended tire pressure to maximize tire gripping and minimize tearing up of one's yard.

    Although my "yard" has no ornamental grass.

    It's got tomato cages, air-craft cable, parts of metal fence posts, barbed wire, axe heads, and lots of ROCKS, though.

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