Why can’t Sears ever show up for an appointment? They have made appointments twice and not shown!!!!

My repair person was supposed to come a week ago to replace a part in my freezer. We waited all day and then he called saying that he would not make it and someone would call and reschedule. That never happened. I called and spoke to the telephone people to reschedule, they were rude and unhelpful. I finally made an appointment on line, speaking with the representatives was a waste of time. Pretty said that self service gets you better service.

No one showed up by noon. I called an was kept on hold for 13 minutes only to be cut off. Then I chatted with someone named Aaron Miller (all of the chat people seem to have the last name by the way and it English is not their native tongue as all they do is parrot back what you tell them and constantly apologize for the bad service, but don’t actually do anything) who was totally unhelpful and said someone would call me with an update in 30 minutes. 30 minutes came and went so I called the store and spoke to Pauline, the manager on duty. She tried to call herself and was unsuccessful in getting any additional information.
They were supposed to come between 8-12 today, it is now 3:30, I have called their “national customer support” and was told that they are busy and someone would be here today. They offered a 20% discount on the repair….that is worthless since no one has shown up yet.
I will never ever purchase from Sears again. Their customer service is the worst, you never get answers, have to start all over again explaining, and still my freezer is not repaired.


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  1. Hi, bakatare. Welcome to the MySears Community! I am very sorry to hear your service technician did not arrive as expected for your service call. I would like to put you in contact with our Customer Care Team to help address this further. When the Team reaches out to you here, I will email you to let you know.

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out!

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      I'm on the phone with the customer Care team now. They have left me on hold waiting for a supervisor. This is only my 4th call today. As expected, even though I was promised an appointment today, no one showed or called. In fact, when I spoke to Ivan #719690 at 2:50 he again reiterated that someone would call in 30 minutes. They never did.

      Then I had to phone in again at 4:30 and spoke to Joseph, a supervisor #917465 he said that he had personally spoken to the people doing the dispatch and promised that someone would call me in 20 minutes to tell me when someone would be here. He also said he would be filing a complaint on my behalf and someone would be reaching out to me to discuss the situation. OMG are you kidding, I have given more than sufficient feedback, I just want someone to do their job.

      The phone line has been silent and no ever called it is now 6:30 pm. Seems to be par for the course at Sears, they don't think it is necessary to communicate with their customers or followthrough with their commitments.

      So here I am 2 weeks later, with part in hand and 2 visits with no shows. Not even a phone call. It is beyond belief how Sears can stay in business. Even when you escalate to manager, they can't even do anything. What makes anyone ever think that a customer could get their attention.

      No one has even called to reschedule. All I want them to do is to finish fixing my freezer.

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      Well, I was left on hold for another 20 minutes waiting for a supervisor to get on the line. NO one ever showed up. I finally hung up. Totally missing basic phone skills here and awareness. When you have a customer who is angry, you usually get on the phone....20 minutes are you kidding??

      Well, this is really great service. You don't show up for the appointment, you don't call me (I have to call you) and now I can't even get an appointment for the part to get installed because you don't want to come to the phone.

      Anyone who reads this message, stay aware from Sears. It is not worth the trouble they are totally incompetent!!!!!!

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      Hi, my name is Brian with the Sears Cares team. We definitely appreciate your feedback regarding how your repair service has been handled thus far as well as with how our customer service representatives have not met your expectations. We would certainly like to make sure that your freezer repair is completed as soon as possible and to your complete satisfaction.Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (bakatare) and phone # used at time of purchase to and we will have a dedicated case manager contact you to assist. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Thank you,

      Brian H.
      MySears Community Moderator

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      I was contacted by Nadia in the executive office who was very apologetic for my experience. She confimed the appointment on Jan 2 and Jan 9. I asked why they needed two appointments, she said she would cancel it and also call me after the service to make sure I was satisfied.

      The repair was completed on Jan 2. Although the technician had to call into Sears to get a question answered. He got cut off and had to call back in again. HA HA, the poor phone skills are pervasive, they don't discriminate, they just don't know how to use the phone.

      Nadia has never followed up with me at all like she promised.

      In addition, now Sears keeps trying to service me again. I called Nadia #2031908 and left her a message to ask why the service department was still trying to come out. They have left several messages, even came out on the 9th (I guess no one called them off) and Sears is now leaving me messages that if I don't keep the appointment, that they will charge me. Are you kidding. What about all of the times they didn't come out.....I should be charging them!
      Enough is enough. It takes an act of God and 10 calls to get them out here. Now when I no longer need them, they continue to pester me. Clearly a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

      I called the local agent that Sears has to provide service and let them know that I don't need them. Just another day in working for Sears to do their job for them because apparently it is not something that they hold their employees or management accountable. WORST EXPERIENCE ON THE PLANET.

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      Hi bakatare,

      Thanks for providing the feedback concerning your appliance repair and multiple phone calls concerning repair services. What you have described certainly explains your frustrations and disappointment. We apologize for the confusion and will forward your post to your case manager for follow up contact.

      Brian R.
      MySears Community Moderator

    6. In response to laurelS

      2 weeks have past. No one has ever tried to contact me.

      Seems like your emails to your case manager go the same place as those sent from your customers.....INTO THE BLACK HOLE. No one at Sears EVER does what they say they will do.

      Brian, why do you even bother posting your messages with empty promises?

    7. In response to laurelS

      Dear bakatare,

      Thank you for posting an update on your current situation, and we apologize that you have not been contacted in 2 weeks we can see how this is truly frustrating. At this time we will take this post and forward it over to your case manager’s attention.

      Isaac D.
      MySears Community Moderator