Why can’t SYWR Customer Service Reps be more empowered?

I hate it when you return an item at Sears that was purchased with SYWR reward points and the points don’t immediately post back to your account. This has happened several times. When I call SYWR customer service, the reps are always very nice. However, they can’t do anything to resolve the issue at the point of the call. They always need to call another area when points are involved and if they can’t reach the area then there is nothing they can do. A customer is left just waiting to see if the points are eventually posted or may have to ultimately fool with faxing info to customer service for the credit. Why can’t the SYWR customer service reps be empowered to make the necessary adjustments at the time rather than make customers wait to see if it eventually corrects itself? I like the SYWR program overall but there are things about it that are very irritating.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts,pds1506! We appreciate hearing this kind of constructive feedback-especially about the Shop Your Way program. We are always looking for ways to make it more customer friendly, and this is a great idea.

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