Why did you bill my credit card then cancel my order and make me wait for a credit back to my card!

You never even contacted me. I had to find out myself. Very bad customer service. I will make sure I spread the word on every social site I can.


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  1. Dear Ozzyozb,

    My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We are truly sorry that you had this kind of experience with your online order. Online stock is often based on projected availability, not physical stock in a warehouse. Nevertheless, we understand how disappointing this whole situation has been for you, and we would like the chance to discuss some options we have to make this right. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Ozzyozb), phone # used at time of purchase to

    Thank you,
    Brian S.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  2. Hi Ozzyozb! I am so sorry to hear about your cancelled order and the issues you had getting that credit back. We do send an email out letting customers know when their promised credit is on the way, and I apologize that you did not receive yours. I can absolutely understand why you be upset-I hope we can help make this right for you. Please check back on this thread in a bit for a reply from a SearsCares team member. They will be happy to discuss this issue with you and do what they can to assure you this is not how we want our customers to feel when making a purchase with Sears.

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