Why didnt my Sears store (#0001625) follow the 6pm ticket procedure advertised for the Thanksgiving sale?

I was very excited about many of your Thanksgiving specials advertised in your flyer and especially in the 50″ Toshiba TV that was on sale for $299. My intent was to do most of my Christmas shopping at the store tonight. I changed my Thanksgiving plans for earlier in the day with my family and left for the store immediately after meal and was at the store (Sarasota Square #0001625) by 4:10 fully expecting to wait until the store opened at 8pm. I was about 10th in line and felt good about my chances to get this TV especially since the ad stated that tickets would be given out at 6pm for particular items so there was no confusion.

6PM came and went at the store and line got bigger. Especially in the front of the line in which more and more people came to meet friends who were camped out ahead of me. By the time any store employee opened the door at 7:35PM there were more than 25 people ahead of me. All of whom claimed to be non-related so that they could each claim vouchers for TV’s.

Needless to say I was saddened and irriated that because the store didn’t follow through with it’s advertised ticket plan I wasted almost 4 hours of my time and was so disgusted by the situation that I didn’t even step inside the store and came home. Many others around felt exactly the same way and left without making any purchases.

I am taking the time here to inform you of the problem and the mishandling at this store tonight in the hopes that it will be read and fixed for next time. I am still undecided on where I will spend my money this year for the holidays but any kind of response from Sears will go along way to mending this for me.


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  1. Hi jjb008,

    We apologize for the unfortunate experience you had at our store. But thank you for letting us know the store# because we can escalate this issue and investigate further into this.

    1. In response to SHC-NiviK

      Thanks very much. I would appeciate that. I tried last night to send an email to the Sear's stores email from the main website but everytime I hit send the email just would go to a blank page so I don't think it sent my email.

      • San Jose, CA

    Perhaps a 6 PM pre-door opening distribution of single quantity TV vouchers for the people, like you, who were physically in line at the 6 PM time, for future events?

    Isn't it sad that this sort of procedure has to be discussed on a holiday?

    1. Exactly. It was the main reason I decided to go to Sear's instead of one of the other big box stores because it seemed like Sear's had thought ahead and come up with a good plan. I think it would have worked with for many customers last night if it was followed through correctly.