why do you discriminate againt people who do not have email or cell phone with text from getting Sears Your Way Rewards cards. You are missing a large population of older customers who still prefer to receive things by mail. Remember it is the older generation that has kept you going


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    What is the nickname applied to physical "paper" mail and advertising literature?

    I believe it is "snail mail".

    Most of these new electronical promotions are here and GONE faster than physical pieces of paper can be printed, addressed, sorted, mailed and are delivered to customers.

    The monthly FLIERS put a severe strain on some organizations/ marketing groups.

    So. The here on Friday, gone on Monday promotions tend to be electronic in nature.

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    The good news is the stores still have standard sales, that are advertised "on paper", with the length of the sale printed on the signs. Although, the digital world allows us to communicate globally, sometimes I'm very happy just going along in the right-hand "slow lane" of visiting the stores.

  1. Like Adamo said, registering an email takes less than 5 minutes. Barring that, almost every ISP I can think of GIVES you an email address when you set up internet service.

  2. Hi audray! I am so sorry you are not happy with the Shop Your Way Rewards program's notifications. You can still check your account information with an Associate at your local store, if you need to. The Shop Your Way Rewards website is pretty easy to navigate, as well, to see details on your account:

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      I think the poster means why can't an account be opened at all without an email or Mobile phone with text activated anymore. Some of the first wave of shoppers managed to obtain shop your way rewards cards without an email and where grandfathered in when Sears changed the requirement but restricted to only 1% of base points and not the incentive points or promo 2X, 5X or 10X points.

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    Umm... If you are one of those people, you've managed to find a browser to post your question.

    You can get a "free" Google email account.

    I'm not sure how a Cell Phone is enabling Sears Rewards Points...

    We're still using a land-line at home.

    I'm slowly becoming part of the older generation, myself.

    So. I can identify with your concerns.

    But, the Rewards Points are still slowly accumulating for me and mine.

    1. Do not forget to use them before they expire in-- how long?

    2. The points expire at least one year after they are acquired. I should think that's plenty of time to make some sort of additional purchase at Sears or Kmart.

    3. And if you pay attention, Sears gives you free money all the time, that usually expires in a couple days. Last week I got an extra $3 to use before it expired in 5 days, The most free points I have gotten has been $10 in points that expire 2 days later.

    4. If you don't have an email or are able to receive text messages you would be completely oblivious to any incentive rewards Sears temporarily gives you to go in and shop.

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      Got this Rewards Points expiration warning eMail that got me back in the store (with my looked-up PIN) ONE DAY before some of the points expired.

      Yes. I was pretty pleased with myself and rewarded myself with a Craftsman Pint Glass and Bucket set, off of the Holiday Tool Display.

  3. The program is designed to save Sears money, which it passes to consumers in terms of rewards, by reducing its economical impact and its use of paper and mail shipping.

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      I should also add it is also a new way for the company to market itself and you are rewarded for participating in the digital strategy.