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  1. Hi UpstateNYguy,

    We appreciate you stopping in and posting in the MySears Community!

    We are not completely sure of the whole situation of the involvement with your lawn mower. If you can please provide us with further details we would like to help you further.

    Thank you!

      • San Jose, CA

    Well. With all the detail you've provided, the questions are going to be starting "back" a-ways.

    How old is your mower?

    Is the mower stored in a protected area?

    Can you post its long model number?

    What has been the repair history of the "four times"?

    Have you read and followed the setup, usage, care and preventative maintenance steps listed in the machine's Owner's manual?

    How often do you use the mower?

    How large a yard is it mowing?

    Do you alone use it, or does anyone else use the mower?

    Is the mower being used with fresh gasoline, with an additive, like Sea Foam or Stabil to help keep the fuel system and gasoline in top shape?

    Has the mower "hit" anything while on its appointed rounds around your yard?

    Who is doing the multiple repair jobs?

    How sharp is the blade on your mower?

    Has the mower ever received a replacement spark plug?

    Has the air filter been changed regularly?

    Is the oil level at the proper place on the dip stick?

    Has the oil ever been changed?

    There are just a whole SLEW of questions, when a general question is asked to help narrow down the answer to the question.


    What color is your mower's deck? Grey, red or black, for Good, Better, Best quality walk behind mowers.