Why does Sears care so little about customer service?

I really wanted to post a positive experience, but no one from has contacted me and I sent the following email to them on July 22nd with no response. I provided my contact name, phone number, etc.:

I got your email from the mySearscommunity website. I notice there are a lot of upset customers that post their issues on your site. I’m now one of those customers, but I chose not to post directly on your site. I purchased a new, unused Sears lawn mower (model#917370931, salescheck#018502718759) on April 28th. It stopped working the second time I used it and so I took it into the Sears @ Oxmoor on June 7th. Unfortunately, I did not bring it in within 30 days and was not allowed to exchange it. The Sears associate took my info, gave me a product repair service receipt (#1039301) and told me that it would be shipped out to Cincinnati for repair. I was told it would take 2 weeks for the repair and I would receive a phone call when it was ready.

I would like to mention that I pulled in the Sears pickup area when I arrived, called the service number on the sign and waited in my vehicle as instructed on the sign. I let it ring for a while and noticed a Sears rep bringing a newly purchased item out for a customer. He stopped while carrying the item, pulled a Sears phone out of his pocket, looked at the phone and then put it back in his pocket without answering it. After he finished up with the customer I waited to see if he would come to help me, but I had to get his attention as he started to walk back into the building. He did assist with getting my information, but while he said he was going to look up my information he stopped and helped another customer who had just purchased an item.

On July 11th I started to become a little upset that I had not received a call about the mower. I called the number provided on the product repair services receipt and was on hold for 10 minutes before I was ever able to speak to someone. I did finally get to speak to a rep and they informed me that the mower was repaired and back in the store at Oxmoor. I then called the store at Oxmoor and spoke to a rep in the lawn mower section who had to transfer me back to the repair department. The phone rang for 4 full minutes without anyone answering and I gave up trying to speak to someone. I called back later that day and had a rep from the lawn mower department check on my repair. He informed me it was ready.

That evening I stopped at the store to pick it up and had a rep in the repair department assist me. I gave him my repair number and he went back in to retrieve my mower. I waited at least 5-7 minutes before he came out to ask me what color my mower was. It seemed like an odd question, but I told him the color. He proceeded to tell me that the recent storm that had passed through Louisville had blown repair tickets off of the mowers and he needed to look at the serial numbers on the mowers to determine which one was mine. He finally found it after about another 10 minutes and brought it out to me.

I understand that your policy is not to accept a return of the mower after 30 days. I realize that it was repaired and can only assume that it now works since I was not given a demonstration of it working while I was there and I refused to take it home in the condition it was in. My major complaint is I purchased a brand new mower on April 28th and used it twice. When I went to pick up the mower it had already begun to weather and has rust on it. In addition, the cover to the engine appeared to be falling off. I don’t believe it’s fair that I’m not getting back a mower that doesn’t look brand new. It should look like it was just taken out of the box, but it now looks like it has set outside for a period of time. The repair receipt that was attached to the mower from the repair company is dated June 12th. I can only assume my mower sat outside for almost a month without anyone ever contacting me.

I asked to speak to a manager while I was there and Leslie, who said she was a manager in the Apparels department, came to take my complaint. She said she couldn’t make a decision on the mower since it wasn’t her department, but would have the store manager give me a call. I waited until July 17th , but had not received a call from Sears. So I called the store and was able to speak to Mike, a manager in the Appliance department. I had to explain my situation again and he wasn’t very concerned. He asked me if my mower was repaired and I told him that I understood the carburetor had to be replaced and the condition it was in. It seemed to him that nothing was wrong and proceeded to tell me that rust happens and it wasn’t Sears’ fault that my newly purchased lawn mower now looked like a much older mower. He took my name and phone number and said he would have Kurt,the store manager, give me a call.

Today is July 22nd and I still don’t have my issue resolved. I have a Sears riding lawn mower that my father purchased back in the late 90’s. I recently had to replace a drive belt on it and dealt with the Sears in Clarksville without any issues. I will be needing to replace a blower and a trimmer before the summer ends. This one issue I’ve had with the Sears store at Oxmoor has left me with the feeling that I will never purchase an item from Sears again. I can’t believe all of the stories I’ve read online regarding complaints of how poorly Sears has dealt with customers who have purchased defective items from its store.

I didn’t post this complaint on your website because I would like to be satisfied and have this issue resolved. In addition, I would like to be a customer who posts a positive reaction to a situation that I feel I have been poorly treated by your store. I have heard so many fake apologies from your store reps that I am even tired of hearing that. I don’t want to hear sorry any longer. I just want a brand new lawn mower so that I don’t have to mooch off my relatives to get my grass cut. I’ve paid almost $500 and it’s only been almost the entire mowing season and I’ve only got to use the mower twice.


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  1. I would like to respond to my initial post and the resolution to my situation. It took an extremely long time, but finally on July 26th the Sears @ Oxmoor contacted me to let me know they would exchange my original lawn mower for one of the same model or another mower.

    I don't know that I would've gotten that far had I not found this site and had someone contact me from the Sears Executive office. For all the negative things that happened, I can say that I was finally satisfied with the new replacement mower.

    I would recommend anyone reading this to keep pursuit of your situation. Most importantly, I can say with experience that this site is helpful so long as you provide accurate information and remain calm with your complaint. I would say that the Sears folks on here have heard enough of the complaints that they truly want to help you out so long as you keep a level head. You can easily decipher between someone who is just on here to complain and someone who really wants to get their problem solved.

    Thanks to those Sears folks on here who were able to help me out.

    1. In response to EricShadowens

      Hey there, EricShadowens! Thanks so much for taking the time to come back with an update. I am glad to hear you were taken care of and that you were able to receive a replacement mower. Just great news!

  2. Dear EricShadowens,

    My name is Edwin and I’m with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. We apologize for the level of customer service rendered when you reached out and the experience you faced in reference to the conditions of your mower when you went to pick it up after repair. We see that you currently have a case manager assigned to assist you in this matter. We’ll be happy to forward them this information for attention and for an update needed.

    Edwin C.
    MySears Community Moderator

  3. Hey there -- I am going through the same thing! Clearly this website is just their feeble attempt to save face... I also followed the directions of emailing smadvisor two days ago and have not gotten any kind of response.

  4. Hi EricShadowens!

    Thank you for posting your feedback with us in the MySears Community!

    We appreciate you letting us know of this on-going issue.

    I have escalated your concerns to our SearsCares team to help you further. They will be able to look up whom you have spoken with and to help in getting this resolved as soon as possible.

    Please check back periodically for a response back from our team.

    Thank you!

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