Why does Sears .com send email comfirmation to pick up my order when they don’t have it in stock?


3 answers

  1. The system is automated, and does not require a human to actually pull and confirm the order prior to the sending of the email. This makes it easier for Sears, and if the customer is inconvenienced they believe that it is not a big deal.

    If it was important to them, they would have a better system in place

      • San Jose, CA

    The computers are "faster" than the trucks or the people handling all of the "stuff".

  2. Hi rizz1941! I am so sorry your order was not available to pick up. Did you visit your local store to pick up an order after receiving the email and you were unable to do so? Please let us know a few more details and we can lead to the correct contact to make sure you get your order. Thanks!

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