why does Sears not match prices for delivery and removal of appliances

The cost of delivery from other retail competitors like Lowes and Home Depot is free. Sears will charge for deliver and also the removal of home appliances. Since Sears advertises “price matching”, if the delivery charge is ZERO, why does Sears charge for these items, this is not price matching. I was buying new appliances for my home totaling $4,700.00 and that did not include the delivery charges or removel charge, those fees would have been extra, Sears would not match the delivery price on anything. So I walked out of the store, no wonder sears is having financial problems.


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  1. When it comes to free delivery, it is an extreme case of you get what you pay for. Sears' delivery and installation checklist has about 100 different point items on it including removal of packing materials, verification of working products, operation explanation and answering any questions the customers might have, product deluxing where applicable, installation of anti-tipping devices when needed, and a myriad of other services to guarantee customer satisfaction. Lowes and Home Depot will drop the box off in front of your house when you choose their free delivery service. The rest is up to you.

    Sears price matches identical products. Since the delivery services offered by Sears when compared to Home Depot and Lowes is far from identical, they do not offer price matching. As I said, you get what you pay for and your bang for your buck is far superior at Sears, even when compared against "free".

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      The delivery service from sears is drop and run in my experience, (3 appliances recently, I am very very surprised to see that there is a checklist) I was very quick to tell the delivery people I wanted to see it running before they left, both gentlemen looked at there watch when I asked. They told me they couldn't stack the washer and dryer, because I didn't have the kit. They blocked the road when they dropped off the washer and dryer, so they had to be fast.

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      I am sorry to hear of your experience hannahlue!

      Has this issue been resolved in getting your appliances set up?

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      The delivery from Sears is completely drop and run in my experience. I just ordered a range, microwave and dishwasher, and was led to believe it included free delivery and installation as was very nicely laid out above. I also paid extra to have all of my old appliances hauled away. Now what actually happened was the driver dropped off the new appliances and left without installation or hauling the old ones away because the old appliances were installed. Not once during the sales process or delivery confirmations was I notified of this requirement. So, rather than ask my contractor who was right there in the room to uninstall the appliance so he could remove and setup the Range, the Sears delivery guy just dropped the appliances and left. When I called him minutes later, he said he could not go back to do the haul away or setup because he had a busy schedule.

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      Hi maureencrabtree,

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      We appreciate you posting your feedback with us on this issue so that we can help you further.

      I am sorry to hear that the installation had caused confusion and would like to put you in touch with our Sears Cares team to discuss this with your personally.

      Once a response has posted I will be reaching out via email providing a link back for contact.

      Thank you!

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      Dear maureencrabtree,

      Thank you for letting us know about this experience you had with our delivery team. Its our top priority to follow through on delivery and haul away commitments we arrange with all of our members and can see we drop the ball in your case. At this time we want to speak directly with you about this experience. Please send the following information – the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name to reference your post (maureencrabtree), to We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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  2. match&redirectType=BRAT_RULE&prop17=price%20match%20policy

    If you find a lower price on an identical brand and model number currently available for sale at another local competitor's retail store, Sears will match that price. Just bring in the original advertisement to a sales associate at the time of, or within 14 days after, your purchase.


    Sears will not price match competitor's items that are limited in quantity, offered for sale for less than six hours during a day or door busters. Sears will not price match items offered for sale Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving, bonus or free offers, special offers, online-only offers, bundled offers, rebates, any special financing offers, coupons, protection agreements, clearance or closeout prices, or prices on used, damaged, returned, open box or display merchandise. Sears will not price match services (including, but not limited to, delivery, installation, and assembly), parts, Sears Licensed partner websites, digital services, Sears Presents or Shop At Home catalogs. Stores in Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii will not match any online prices. Sears will not match typographical errors or competitor's prices that result from a price match. Sears will not price match Kenmore items at non-Sears Holdings retail formats.


    If the price match policy specifically excludes certain things, those things will not be price matched. Products are eligible for price matching. Services are not.

  3. Sears matches price on merchandise not prices on services.

    Are you a Shop Your Way member?

    In some cases, members of our loyalty program, Shop Your Way, are reimbursed the entire delivery charge via points or even an extra 10% off the purchase price by opting for delivery, not withholding the additional 2% to 5% you also get in cash back via Shop Your Way.

    As a store associate,

    At minimum, by paying the extra $79, I could have given you back a credit of $517.

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      It would appear that the sales associate concerned may not have been 'fast enough on his/her/ feet' to have put that, or a similar argument to the now lost client.

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      Even so, if the customer was concerned more about the current total out of pocket price (perhaps trying to stay within a certain budget) credits for future purchases may not have been appealing to them

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      I don't want credits either, I pay 9.5% in sales tax. I want any discounts off of the top otherwise I end up paying taxes twice on credits. Once on the original purchase and once on the purchase done with the credit.

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      The purchase with credits is taxed, but it acts tax-wise as a price deduction, so you only pay taxes on the part you actually spend money on. So, you don't "pay taxes twice." Pretty cool, eh? I'm guessing you've never redeemed any Shop Your Way Rewards points. Next time you do, you'll see.

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      So this is points not cash back or a credit?

      $517.00 in points?

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      Correct - $517 in points which is 517,000 points.