Why does Sears outsource their customer service lines to **** named Bob? As this company continues to fail under the leadership of Ed Lampert, has he ever once thought about the idea that Sears would make more money in the long run if people could understand who they were talking too? I think not… instead he is more worried about making his hedge funds quick profits while he plans the break up and sell off of this once great company.

Instead Eddie I suggest to you, bring jobs back to America. As companies continue to move their production overseas buy their plants where Craftsman and Kenmore are made and start producing your own stuff here. Then advertise it. This is what will save this company plus help America’s economy and it all starts with getting rid of Habib named Bob.


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  1. I ordered a pair of NEw Balance sneakers online and they shipped me Sketchers in a New Balance box. I called to return and after battling to understand the woman from India I was informed that she was unable to reprocess my order for the correct sneakers. I bought them on sale and wanted what I ordered for the price I paid. I wasted over an hour on the phone just to be told to drive to a store and return them. Then to call India again to process my new order. Talk about inconveniencing the customer. I am so displeased with this service it is highly unlikely That I will use again. I have ordered dozens of items from Amazon without issue.

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      Hi Mrleprekon!

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      I am so sorry that you had received an item that was not of your choosing and the inconvenience it has caused.

      Were you able to return this item okay? Can we assist you further in helping to get this issue resolved?

      We appreciate you sharing your experience with us on this issue.

      Thank you!

  2. I have experienced the customer service for home delivery which is in India and it horrible. I Have tried three times to get a sofa delivered with no luck. The person I talked to today was hitting a keypad while I was talking to him and his English was bad. I had to keep asking him to repeat what he was saying.

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      We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention for your concerns are very important to us. I am truly sorry that you are having issues with your sofa delivery.

      We would like to help in making this right for you by having your concerns escalated to our Sears Cares team so that they can assist you further.

      Once one of our team members responds I will be reaching out via email providing a link back for contact with the Sears Cares team.

      Thank you!

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      Dear securitygirl,

      We thank you for taking the time to let us know about your delivery issue, and for sorry for the level of customer service rendered. We’ll be happy to look into your delivery and assist you in any way we can. We’d like to have one of our case managers contact you to assist you in this matter as well as to make sure you’re taken care of. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (securitygirl), your phone # used at time of purchase to We look forward talking to you soon.

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  3. Hi jdr, Sears has created a lot of new jobs here on the internet and supporting the latest technology of ipods and ipads in the stores. Our sons and daughters deserve better jobs than casting molten steel or mining the coal to produce tools here in the USA as their ancestors did. One of the newest innovations is the Member Assist feature on Sears ShopYourWay ap for smartphones. Member assist allows you to choose an associate at any store to instant message or request a callback but don't be surprised to see some new American names like Nguyen, Patel, Wu or Habib. As for difficulty understanding someone, have you ever been to South Boston? Have a great day, Cousin.

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      With company's sending all the call center jobs and manufacturing overseas there is nothing left, but those miner jobs. Unless you work in retail where chinese made junk has eaten up all the margins.

  4. Thanks for posting your thoughts on this subject, jdr03210. This is a great place to share your ideas of improvement for us to hear. I will be sure to pass this feedback along to the correct team.

  5. It's not outsourced it is owned by SHC it is called Sears India. Think I'm kidding? Google it.

    Those names are funny, Tom, Jane and let us not forget Peggy!

    What these CEOs can't figure out is with every job gone, so goes the customer who has no job. And so goes the profits eventually.

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      The entity known as Sears India is not a call center.

      Sears does not own any call centers outside the country.

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      So they do outsource. Who knows where all that information is headed. No thanks!

      Because Bob sure isn't in America.

  6. I think we'll just let you figure out on your own why that would be completely impossible. :)