Why does show an item I want to buy but it wouldn’t let me order it?

I received an email from Sears today with a $10.00 off any order over $30.00. On the same page there is an item that I would like to purchase but the web will not let me place an order. I have had workers at Sear store try to this morning and they can’t understand why. I called customer service and they could not understand why. They tell me there is no delivery in my area for home or store. Why post the item if I can’t purchase it. Does Sears use the same programers that Obomacare uses? I remember the day when Sears shipped everything out of Chicago to who every wanted their products. Now it sounds as if you live over 50 miles from where they have the item they will not ship it to you.


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  1. Hi RogerAJohnson! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for asking your question on our community today. I am sorry you are are having trouble placing your order today. If you could provide the link to the item in question, I would be happy to look into this for you.


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