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  1. Hi thePadrebill: The Sears Footwear Buying Team is currently researching adding these style of shoes to Will keep you updated. Thanks for sending your information to the MySears Moderator. Thanks - Jillian

  2. Those boots are sold by a third party retailer that uses space on as part of the Marketplace. They are not a Sears item. It's just like the system, where there are products sells, and products that other retailers sell using as a place for increased visibility. As a result, has somewhere on the order of 30 million products, while the overwhelming majority of those will never see the inside of a Sears store. Unless it says "Sold by Sears" and it offers "Store Pick-Up" as an option for receiving the merchandise, it will be an online only item.

  3. HI thePadrebill,

    Its great to have you with us as a new member in the MySears Community!

    This size is very common so I am surprised that there is not any being offered unless out of stock.

    Are these all sold by a "Marketplace vendor"? I am not seeing any sold basically within our Sears stores. If there is, please let me know so that I can check on this further for you.

    As for the "Marketplace vendors" that these boots are being sold by, they are advertised through but actually purchased through the seller. So if possible you can look through their website and contact them on this specific size.

    Please let me know if there are some within a Sears store and I would be happy to check on "when and if" this size will be available.

    Thank you!

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