Why is getting a order by December 24 so hard?

I ordered a watch online and it says order by 4:00 PM today December 20 get it by December 24, 2012. So I order the watch in the basket it says by December 24 with SYWMax. It never gave me an apotion to do 1 or 2 day. (Now when I go back in it does. I had trouble for 2 days now with sears website) anyhow once I order it I get told it will be at my house by December 31. I have done a caht with CS and they told me nothing I can do. I spoke with a customer service on the phone who told me I had to wait so many days until I get my order and I can cancel it then and return. OK but I still dont have it for Christmas. If I known it would have been so much trouble I would have picked it up at a store close to me. I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping at Sears and Kmart because of the great service. I even asked customer service if I can just chnage the shipping now and they said they cant do anythign with the order for a couple of days. So my questions si there a way to change shipping without me reordering it and being out more money? Please help Thank you Leigh Ann


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    There is this holiday around this time of year that just causes about ALL the mail carriers to be run ragged by customer volumes of shipment, with short lead times and that pesky week-end travel thing happening.

    In hind-sight,which is always 20-20, a Store Pickup may have been the safer bet.

    There's still ONE day left before Christmas and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, without holding my breath (safety thing) for the safe arrival of your shipment.

    Good luck!

    1. Please just try and live in the real world.
      I have worked on several 'Christmas Days' and the days immediately prior or after. It was what I was paid to do.

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      Good for you! Me too. Did you ever notice how "slow" the mail delivery gets during the holidays? That's sort of a real-world observation. Picking up an order in a store takes the US Mail and UPS delivery issues right out of ones "hurry, hurry, faster, faster" equation of last days holiday shopping.Sadly, some people experience more of the "real-world", before learning some valuable lessons about procrastination.

  1. You may be lucky and just perhaps someone at SHLD will try to 'come through' as in the following article:
    Note. In the article 'Linda' does not actually confirm that she has received anything except phone calls yet.

  2. Peachy5051 - We are terribly sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with the purchase you made online. I can understand your concern with the need for this item arriving in time for Christmas. We truly apologize for any complications this may cause for you. Please know we would like to be of assistance and have forwarded your information to a case manager for assistance. We will contact you as soon as a case manager becomes available. Thank you, Zenaida M. MySears Community Moderator.

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      The reason most of you are not getting your items delivered on Chritmas Eve is because Sears is not contacting UPS in time for your items to be delivered. For example. After you purchase your items online. There warehouse picks the items but they forget or deliberately don't call UPS so the items can be picked up and delivered to your home. Just look at your billing information and you will see when the item were purchased and when they were picked up for delivery. If the dates differ by 2 days 9 times out of 10. Sears did not call UPS for the items to be picked up.

  3. Hi peachy5051! I think a SearsCares team member can help you get your order figured out. Check back on this thread soon for a reply from someone looking to help.

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      Am having the same identical problem: my date for store pickup keeps moving up from the original date of Dec. 21 to 23 to Dec. 25. No one can track the location of my item or tell me if I could go to another store to pickup sooner. Might have ordered through Amazon if I could have foreseen these problems, but have always had good luck with the Sears store near me.

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      Minnette1 – We are so sorry to learn you are having the same sort of problem with the purchase you made online. I am sure this is quite frustrating as the holiday has drawn so near, so quickly! We can understand how distressing this must be and apologize for any added stress this has caused you during this busy time of the year. We would like to speak with you and get this matter straightened out. Please send us an email containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number used at the time of purchase, to Please include your MySears screen name (Minette1) so we may expedite your request. We look forward to assisting you! Thank you - Zenaida.

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      Do I hear violins in the moonlight?

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