Why is it so difficult to get warranty work done by Sears?

Attempted to request warranty work (Kenmore Humidifier less than 1 year old)bad fans..actually just wanted the part to do it myself. Given a phone number..she can’t find the record…english was terrible…she transferred me…the next operator hung up on me as I was trying to understand the phone number she was giving me…english again…chatted with a rep…he couldn’t find the file, even with my order #, he baled out of the chat session before I was finished..worst experience I have ever had….


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      • San Jose, CA

    A good start would be to supply the long model number of the Humidifier, from its data plate, to whomever is attempting to help you.

    With this long model number your can go to the Sears Parts site to look up the item's list of parts and cost of a new fan.

    And, the telephone number for obtaining Service Help is 1-800-4MY-HOME.

    An owner's manual can also be found and downloaded in PDF form in the manuals section of the Manage My site.

    Good luck.

    1. The poster claims it is under warranty.
      Why should the poster purchase the required part him/herself?

      I do have to agree that your suggestion is likely the quickest and given the number of 'no shows' by Sears repairers' it could well be the cheapest should the poster have to wait for a Sears repairer to show up.

      Posters' best bet would be to just take it to a Sears repair center, should there be one convenient, and just await, perhaps a long time for them to fix it.

  1. Hi Clemmonsguy, the warranty seems pretty straight forward, return the humidifier to a Sears Repair center. Who has a problem with English?

  2. Sorry to tell you this but it is not likely to get much better!!