Why is it when I try and order shoes online – I live in Alaska with mail service, Ups and Fedex service. Sears won’t send shoes to S.E. Alaska? They use too. We are still part of the United States. Where I live is only 600 miles north of Seattle Washington, so it’s not out in the wild west.


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  1. To JulieK and ServiceLocally, I have tried the site you have suggested with out results. I won't hold my breathe for an answer to my problem. I'm sure Sears will come up with some kind of far-fetched reason why they can't ship to, "big bad Alaska"
    Thank goodness your not the only company out there. I was able to find another pair of boots through JCPenney Co. it doesn't matter what you order through them, they DO ship to Alaska. Sears use to ship to Alaska with out any problems. Now they won't even send a small package like shoes. I can't believe this would be to save money since Sears charges alot! to ship - seems like a money making scam to me if they wanted to make a few extra dollars.

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      Hey Alaskanbikelady! We did research this issue for you and found most shoes do ship to Alaska. Can you post the link of the shoes you are looking to have shipped? We can check into this further if you can do so. Thanks!

  2. Hi Alaskanbikelady! We did some checking with the Shoes Team and it looks like many of the shoes do ship to your area, although some of the Marketplace items are not availbel for shipping to Alaska. Can you let us know which specific shoes you are looking to order?

  3. Hi Alaskanbikelady! Don't want to leave you hanging on this one! We have escalated your question and hope to have an answer soon. Thanks for your patience!

  4. Try this link.

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      Doesn't work.

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      Great link. I'm not sure why the link didn't work for ABL.

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