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  1. Hi 45Janet, the reason for the vibration depending on the model number could be caused by an incomplete leveling of the dryer. More reasons is the drum is incorrectly seated and rubbing on the front and rear supports. Sometimes the drum rollers become worn and the drum will vibrate. If you respond with a model number I will give you more than a general answer. Bill

  2. Hi 45Janet,

    Thank you for reaching out to one of our Experts in the MySears Community!

    I have escalated your concerns on the issues you are having with your dryer to our Sears Appliance experts to see if they can help in troubleshooting what might be going on.

    Do you by chance have the make and model number? This may help in providing a more detailed response geared towards you specific appliance.

    Once an Expert responds I will be reaching out via email.

    Thank you!