Why is my online order stuck in limbo after it was cancelled and I am being denied a refund?

Order # 440791025 – I am seeing a trend here, as I too am being held hostage by Sears because they continue to decline to refund my money on an order that was cancelled (by them!). I wanted to do something nice for my mother even though it was slightly expensive and replace her microwave back in December. The delivery date was pushed back each time for months. When I finally inquired about it, they said it was at the store and I should receive an email to pick it up shortly. The next day I got an email that the order was cancelled. After talking to their customer service, it turns out they do not have that in stock and cannot get it for me. Annoying, but I was resigned to get a refund and get it somewhere else. After a week, I did not see a refund so I asked which ended up in this endless cycle of waiting 3-5 days. This progressed every 5 business days until another query claimed they can’t refund because the order cannot be cancelled and it will be delivered March 1st. When that date came and went, it was another Sorry… March 7th. I irately put something on Facebook and they asked for the information and never got back to me. So, my message to the Sears Care is not to apologize as a response as you won’t win me over. Refund my money to save me from more time drains of seeking legal actions which I am overly willing to do at this point as I have been robbed.


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  1. Daminute, my name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I am sorry for the troubles you have encountered with your online order. I can truly understand your frustrations regarding your order being cancelled and not receiving your refund in a timely manner. We recently reached out to you on a different website on 03/02/2013. We are in the process of assigning you a case manager. We do apologize for the delay in contact. Thank you, Liz R. MySears Community Moderator

  2. Hi daminute,

    Welcome to the MySears Community!

    Yikes! I am sorry that you have had to experience such a bad ordeal on trying to purchase this item for your mother since December. There is not much I can say to alleviate your frustration except to try in help in anyway that I can from our end.

    To be able and help to get this issue resolved I am escalating to our SearsCares Team. This Team will do everything to the best of their abilities to locate your information and check your refund status/or order status.

    Please check back for a reply.

    Thank you!