why is my washing machine door leaking? I have a Kenmore HE2 Plus

When I put on a load of clothes water seaps out of the bottom middle of the door.


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  1. If you run your finger along the rubber seal, do you feel any coarse areas? If there's wear to the seal, there isn't a water-tight seal between the rubber and glass, and that can allow water to escape. Or, if the seal has a build-up of lint on it, it can act as a passageway for water to escape, like a wick. If there's coarse areas, the seal can be replaced. If it's a lint build-up, it can be cleaned with a wet towel.

  2. Your machine was manufactured by Whirlpool and is essentially a re-badged "Duet Sport".
    There is a Shop Manual for this series of washers, and their Kenmore cousins at:$FILE/8178558.pdf
    This is a little slow to load so please be patient.
    On the symptoms you describe my first thought would be a defective joint (often called the boot or bellows), page 4-11 of the manual refers. I would check in that area first.

  3. Because it was made in Mexico... to avoid this in the future buy American made