why should I have to go through the entire IVR sequence on your phone, when no matter what direction I go, your office is closed. I will never, EVER place another order with Sears. It says here: “We’re always here for you” I sincerely doubt that.


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      • San Jose, CA

    What's an IVR? Is it like the Rite Aid Pharmacy telephone automated answering system? I just select "3" and talk to a real person, when I've called in during the local store's OPEN hours. Works good.

    1. Seriously Adam, do you know how annoying you and BlueCrew are? This person is frustrated enough to lookup this site and post and you two just give these kind of answers. If you are trying to make the customer look stupid it didn't work, try again with another one.

      Sears phone systems don't work in the best of times, I can't imagine it worked any better on Black Thursday!

    2. What's annoying about what I said? Is it annoying to try to figure out someone's goal in calling, to see if there's a particular phone number they should be calling, or to find out where they think they're calling? Do you know how annoying it is to have someone looking for reasons to throw someone else under the bus, even if they have to squint real hard to see something that isn't there? Get over it.

        • San Jose, CA

      Usually, not knowing the meaning of an acronym is an indication of the reader's lack of knowledge concerning the short form used by the writer of a post.

      I'm not sure how my asking for the meaning of an IVR makes the original poster look "stupid".

      It is an indication of someone assuming that others know what they're abbreviating, when their assumption proves to be unfounded. That's an error in judging one's receiving audience and not an indication of intelligence.

      When I write about ratchets I don't often use the terms of TD, TP, LL, RH, RHFT, 60T or 84T and BLB.

      But, if I'm communicating with another PMT or a ratchet enthusiast, most of the time, the acronyms work well.

      Immediate Verifiable Redundancy?

      Of course there are also the LT, DLT, YT, DYT, and GT's that most people, having spent anytime in the Lawn & Garden brochures should be familiar with.

      Most of the new Craftsman tool customers are familiar with the MUSA acronym, over to the tool posts.

      BlueCrew is NOT annoying to me...

      He also knows a good deal about GDO's.

      Acronyms can be FUN! - if used with an audience that actually "knows" what they mean.

      Invariably Very Restrictive?

      • San Jose, CA

    Are you attempting to reach a US business active telephone number on the Thanksgiving holiday?

    The Sears stores opened early today at 8 PM.

    If you try to place the "same" order tomorrow, after the holiday shut down of about ALL of the US businesses, you'll probably have a lot better success at getting through to someone to place the order.

    Or, you can use the Internet site 24-7, right?

    Good luck with tomorrow's effort.

  1. What "office" are you trying to call? Are you trying to contact a particular store during off hours? Are you calling customer support? What are you trying to accomplish? There is probably a simple solution that can be offered if you can tell us what it is you need to do.

  2. Hi, ClarkeMcC. We are certainly here for you in the community. Please let us know what we can help you with!

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