Why would anyone buy appliance from Sears?

We purchased a washer and dryer set, with a guaranteed delivery date. Sears called the night before to confirm delivery the next day. I drove 360 miles, round-trip to meet the delivery people, only to be told that they were cancelling the delivery, ten minuntes before the scheduled time. After spending 10 hours trying to find out what happened, the delivery truck showed up with the dryer, but no washing machine. Excuses ranged from they were out of stock to they forgot to put it on the truck. I was even told that they put a washer and dryer on a plane to fly them in, just for me, that night, but no delivery people would be able to bring them for several days. Second attempt to delivery resulted in the washer being deliverd, but the dryer had a huge dent in it, so we are sending them back. Two weeks now, and we can’t even get a washer and dryer from SEars delivered. AFter spending hours on the telephone the nice customer service representative asked if I wanted to take advantage of a free in home estimate for home remodeling. Bless their little hearts, they sure are caring individuals. Still don’t know where our wsher and dryer are. They are either in a warehouse, or still at the manufacture, or perhaps they are still flying around in airplanes. Sure glad we cancelled the order and did not buy these, as the reviews that I read (after our purchase) say these are not worth buying.


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    I've always wondered why the receipt of one damaged unit (appliances or tool storage) seems to require some customers to return BOTH boxes, with a reorder of the two.

    It seems to me, receiving ONE good box is a good thing, with the damaged unit being replaced with another boxed unit ASAP.

    Also, If the wrong cord is purchased with an electric dryer, why does the whole DRYER need to be returned, instead of just exchanging the incorrectly chosen cord for another cord package that has "better odds" of fitting than the first cord did?

    The lack of model numbers for the washer and dryer pretty much nullify any detailed reviews you looked at, after purchasing the machines, because no one reading your post can tell which units you are attempting to describe.

    Oil is good.

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