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  1. Hi drkpyn,

    Welcome to the MySears Community, we are happy to have you here!

    We would like to try and help you obtain this information but need a little bit more information before we can proceed further.

    Do you know the item number or model number of the product?

    We look forward to your response.

    Thank you!

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      The model number is NEXUS7 ASUS-1B16.

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      Hi drkpyn! Thanks for providing that model number. Looks like this is a Marketplace item. You may want to contact the seller directly to check on availability.

      Click here to be directed to the Seller's page. Their contact information appears on the right hand side.


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      It did not used to be a marketplace item. What I want to know is will Sears sell these directly anymore? Right now it sounds like no, which is a huge disappointment.

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      We are doing a little looking into this for you, drkpyn! Check back for a reply in a bit on the future availability of this tablet. Thanks for your patience!

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      Alrighty, drkpyn! I found out the scoop. The 16GB model is actually not being produced by the manufacturer anymore, as the costing has come down where 32GB can be made close to what it used to cost to produce the 16GB. Right now, the 7” 16GB is retailing at $328, but the 32GB is being sold at $249.

      You can see this link for all Nexus tablets available on

      What this means is you can get more memory for the price if you purchase the 32GB from Sears. If you are still interested in buying the 16GB model, Sears will no longer be carrying that item, but you can buy it from a Marketplace vendor on

      Hope that helps! Let us know which model you end up deciding to purchase!

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      The whole point of the nexus is to have a capable tablet at a $200 price point to compete with the kindle fire. As far as I am concerned the $200 model (which is still available direct from Google) is the only one worth having. Why would I pay $50 more for memory that I don't need? But of course there is Sears' terrible, ridiculous Marketplace system, which as far as I can tell does nothing but sell the same products at insane markup ($328 for a $200 item is unacceptable). I am extremely disappointed if Google is truly not manufacturing $200 tablets anymore (Which I don't think is true), and I am more disappointed in Sears for even attempting to sell me the same product at over 150% of the normal retail price. I will not be buying any more technology from Sears.