• omj
    • Brandywine, MD

Will the rear rim and tire for model 917.288570 fit on model 917.289283 lawn tractor?


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  1. Sounds like you found the only way to raise that 46" mower deck by using bigger tires. If you have never changed rear tractor tires and rims before, keep an eye on the axle keys. The rims and axle are slotted for a key that easily gets misplaced when sliding the rims on or off. The key is a steel splinter about the size of a matchbook match, one for each rear tire rim. Good luck .

  2. Hello omj. AdamO is correct about the rims being the same. He is also correct about the tire being larger on that tractor model 917.288570. The rim would fit but the tire is larger.

      • San Jose, CA

    The rear rims used on the tractors are the same model number.

    The 917.288570 tires are "larger in diameter" than the 917.289283 tires, by an inch.

  3. Hi omj! I replied on your previous thread, as well. We are going to check with our Lawn and Garden experts on this on. Check back soon for a reply! Thanks!