Will this be my last Sears experience?

The answer is YES!
1. The first customer care person, while nice, very nice, needed me to repeat my problem about 3 times too many and he still documented the WRONG service address.
2. I received an automated call stating that the techs are running late and that he would be coming after the scheduled time of between 8-12. I followed up to speak with customer service person who tells me that we are last on the route. That would have been helpful to know earlier because my husband had to drive 25 miles to get to the service address.
3. The actual tech then called to tell me that he was 2 calls away from us. However, he was coming to my home address. Again, my home address WAS NOT the service location. He promised to call routing to sort it out.
4. I called customer service again and was very nicely treated like an idiot! I told them what the tech said. The customer service person then tells me that there is no way the tech is going to the wrong address because there is only 1 system. HELLO! DUDE JUST TOLD ME HE WAS GOING TO THE WRONG ADDRESS! I ended the call because what was the point!
5. A routing person then called and told me because of the address change it would be between 1-2pm. She clearly appeared to be local but still useless in terms of any real help. Sadly, she called while, I was on hold waiting for the elusive manager to speak with me. So I missed that opportunity.

6. I called back at 1 to ensure they were coming. My new window was 8-5 now. REALLY! So I spoke to yet another customer service person who assured me that the tech would come between 1-2. So my husband who came home drove 25 miles out again.
7. At 1:30, the tech calls to let me know that he will be there closer to 3, maybe after. THERE ARE NO WORDS! So my husband is sitting there wasting his time again!

This is bad business. Our entire day has been negatively impacted by this! This is not the Sears I once knew. Sears has lost a customer. I am sure I will receive a well crafted apology reply and I’ll be offered the opportunity to talk with a manager, etc. DON’T BOTHER! I am not wasting anymore of my time with this. We are done.


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      • San Jose, CA

    I guess the people on the phones are not as in touch with the job to job difficulty and length to perform as the Technician contributing to the conversation.

    Since you are "done", there seems to be no need to "repeat" what your problem actually was, along with the long model number of the machine that you were having problems with.

    I do agree with you that repairs are, in general, a pain to be involved with.

    This is why it is always my policy to read my new machine's Owner's manual to make sure it is set-up properly and that the periodic maintenance, cleaning and checks are done, BEFORE the need for a repair sneaks up on me.

    That, along with Replacement, Repair or Protection Agreements are a good thing to have to support me with parts and knowledgeable Service techs for some of my little projects.

    Good luck with your future non-Sears machines.

    May they NEVER break down on you.

  1. Hi tonyalww!

    As you mentioned, an apology will not help or fix the negative experience that you had just encountered with a Sears Tech arriving to your specific location.

    We do appreciate you taking time out of your day to share your experience with us in the MySears Community.

    Your feedback is very valuable to us. If you would like to continue your feedback to reach designated departments, please click here for our Sears Feedback form.

    Again, we thank you for posting your experience with us today!

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