Worse experience ever!

After an extensive web search I can’t seem to find any email contacts for Sears Holding Corp. contacts thru customer service appear to go straight to a third world country who won’t transfer calls to anyone in the US or even give a caller a supervisor when requested. We bought a whirlpool duet steam washer thru on the 28th. At the time of order it was promised for before noon Monday dec 31, although the order taker apparently didn’t bother putting that on the order. When the machine eventually got here, it was installed and DID NOT WORK. The installers had to call in…they have to deal with aforementioned 3rd world country as well…she wanted to send a technician late this week. She wanted them to take the washer back with them (they’d already loaded the old washer and their truck was full). I spoke to her again and insisted I wanted a new washer that worked! She thought maybe we could get one later this week. She stonewalled us for – half hour, refused to transfer to the US or give us a supervisor. My husband meanwhile was contacting our local store, hoping to find someone who could help with this fiasco and the manager there couldn’t even find a record of our transaction but offered a refurbished machine! NoNoNo! Later that afternoon, we heard from the manager of the delivery company (a Sears contractor) who has managed to arrange for a new machine to be delivered on Thursday. Thank goodness for him! The fact is tho that I will have to take ANOTHER day off work for the delivery and the frustration level is immense. We’ve been loyal Sears customers for 30 years!


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  1. Hi Terrystanley. It looks like your post went through twice. Please refer to the previous post for our response and wanting a chance to speak with you! Thank you!