Yes, so yesterday morning we had a call from a Media customer rep. He gave his name and said we now have a case number and he would check into it and get back to us. I called later in the day and left a message for him to call back…no call. I called today to ask for the status and put in the extension for my case handler. He answer and asked who my case handler was….okay??? It’s YOU I responded. And after giving all my information (ship address, phone, etc. AGAIN)…He told me nothing more than what I can find when I check my order on-line AFTER he checked with his “partners.” When I complained about the charge on my credit card without receiving the part, I was told I could buy elsewhere and they would gladly credit my card…. I work in customer service as well and I know this is a good way to destroy future and referral sales!! I called another customer service number and they told me that it was noted that I had a special “media” case but when I asked to speak to a supervisor they couldn’t find one to take the call and I was put on a call list and would be called within 24 hours. Well welcome to the internet “hashtag sears!” I can’t believe I’m desperately trying to stay a Sears customer but Sears is doing all they can to get me out of their way. Angie’s list here I come….


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  1. Hi PoconoSue-Thanks so much for the update. I am sorry that you are still having trouble receiving your tractor deck order. I have passed this along to the team. Please look to hear from someone tomorrow.

    Keep us updated on the progress! We want to do what we can to make sure you continue to be a loyal Sears shopper!

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