YT4000 has less then 10 hours on it. I didn’t use it for about 4 months and it will turn over until the battery finally dies. I recharge the battery and go through the same thing with no start or even trying to start. I changed the gasoline out to make sure it was good but it still just cranks and cranks with no attempt to start. What could be wrong with it? I really need to get this resolved so I can cut my grass cause the grass is getting very tall at my house.

I saw a few other posts where people said to remove the air filter and spray carb cleaner into the carb to get it to start but when i looked at mine after removing the air filter all i see is where the fuel hose clamps on and no “open carb” to spray anything into.


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      • San Jose, CA

    Try mixing some Sea Foam fuel conditioning product in with your tank of new gas to see if a moderate amount of cleaning will improve your tractor engine's performance.

  1. I suspect the carburetor needs to be cleaned. Sometimes debris can get into the float bowl and plug the passages up cause the problem you are having. I suspect the fuel system is the problem. Replacing the gas was a great first start. You can also remove the spark plug and check is gas is getting that far. Make sure the connection on the spark plug is okay. I hope this helps.

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