Have you been to the Sears Shoe Shops?

Sears is always up on trends for all shoe styles.  Now, they have the best selection along with useful tools to help you find the perfect boot and fitness shoe this year.

Let’s start with boots!  For the MANY members who like shoes, Fall is the BEST time of year.  It is finally BOOT season!  The Boot Shop on Sears.com has you covered for all of your boot needs.  Whether you’re heading to class or out on the town, we have cool styles for every foot! Another amazing feature that can help to find the perfect boot for is the new Boot-Fit-Guide.  This will ensure you pick a pair that fits you properly.

The right pair of boots can make an outfit extra special when dressing up for a night out.  Glam it up with these dressy styles.  Or, make a fashion statement with a pair of trendy booties.  They work great with jeans and skirts!

Fall is a great time to workout!  You can still fit in the outdoor run or bike ride, or head inside to sweat it out at the gym with a new class or weight training program.  The Sears Running Shoe Shop has a fantastic selection of fitness shoes for the seasoned exercise fanatic or the newbie who is just getting used to a new routine.   Use the running shoe finder to find the right shoe for your exercise choice.  Injury prone?  Then a stability shoe is what you need to give you support for your workout.   Lightweight shoes are the latest trend for heavy duty runners.  Combining a sleekness with minimal cushion, these are a happy medium between barefoot running and a stability shoe.

Go from working out to going out with the unbelievable selection of shoes on Sears.com.  Hip, practical, cutting edge, trendy and cool – Sears has it all!


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