How to Get Rid of Drafts from Doors and Windows

Anyone living in an older home, and many people in newer houses, have cold drafts getting in through windowpanes and gaps around doors and windows. Cold air entering from outside makes creating a cozy environment impossible without cranking up the heat – and ratcheting up your utility bill.
The real cure to transforming a drafty home into a comfortable retreat is to spend time, and not as much money as you would think, eliminating places where cold air can sneak in.

How to Get Rid of Drafts from Doors and Windows

Find the drafts

Your utility company can help you find drafts and other ways your home loses heat. For instance, California-based Pacific Gas and Electricity has a tutorial on its website that walks you through household energy usage checks. Many other utility companies also offer similar help because reducing your energy use lowers their production costs.
A key piece of advice is to hold a lit candle around window and door frames. The flame flickers when you hold it near a draft. Similarly, a burning stick of incense reveals drafts by streaming smoke. You might even be able to feel drafts on your cheek, and sometimes you can spot draft sources by seeing daylight between a frame and a wall.

Plug the gaps

caulkingSeal openings around window and door frames with caulk and make sure doors are fitted with weather stripping. Caulking can be a messy job, but applying the compound doesn’t require any strength or much skill. A few hours of work makes a lasting difference in lowering your heating costs and increasing your comfort on cold days.
Installing double-pane windows also does a lot to prevent heat loss from your home. These modern windows pay for themselves by providing the ultimate defense against drafts for years to come. Expert window installers can do this renovation efficiently and quickly, with minimum disruption.

Insulate with drapes or blinds

Eclipse Curtains Patio Door Thermal Blackout Curtain PanelA less expensive alternative to having double-pane windows installed is hanging insulated drapes or blinds in front of single-pane windows. The right window covering can also make your home quieter and more welcoming.
You can have custom drapes installed at any time of the year, including the Christmas season. You can also hang your own insulated drapes or blinds. Brands you may want to consider include an Eclipse curtain panel, which hangs beautifully and is machine-washable, and Odysee blinds. These blinds provide privacy and give your window treatments a tailored, textured look whether used alone or covered by drapes.


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