How to Quickly Add Resale Value to Your Home

Couple-celebrating-selling-homeAnyone with a keen eye on the real estate market understands the value of home improvements to increase resale value. Too many homeowners create a false perception in their minds about the worth of their older homes and resist investing in a pre-sale face-lift. Even a minor investment can increase a home’s value.

Improve curb appeal

One of the most effective projects to increase resale value and attract more foot traffic inside your home is to refresh the landscaping. It’s easy enough to trim overgrown trees and bushes and add new plants to flowerbeds. Get out the hose and wash away dirt and cobwebs. Go one step further to create a good first impression by repainting your front door, or replace it if it’s dented beyond repair. Replace your front door light if it’s outdated, and repair any problems with the walkway to avoid stumbles on the way to your front door.

Paint-suppliesFind your paintbrush

An easy way to increase a home’s value is paint, paint, paint! If you don’t want to repaint the entire outside of your home, update any trim or shutters using stylish shades of color. A well-maintained home exterior will attract buyers. You may love the passion pink walls in your bedroom, but it’s doubtful anyone else will. Buyers are always attracted to neutral wall colors that appear move-in-ready.

Refresh the kitchen

If your budget can’t handle new flooring or cabinets, refresh what you have. A new coat of white paint on outdated cabinets can transform your kitchen. Remove old wallpaper and paint the walls an inviting neutral shade. Add new hardware and lighting fixtures, and potential buyers will be willing to overlook other flaws in your kitchen. Learn how to “stage” your kitchen with new throw rugs that hide any flooring imperfections.

ToiletUpdate bathrooms

Buyers care about kitchens and bathrooms. Make your bathroom as appealing as possible, because this room is definitely a project that will increase resale value. New toilet seats and sinks aren’t as expensive as you might think and will appeal to a potential buyer’s desire for cleanliness. Old tiles can be painted with high-gloss tile paint. If the tile is passable, you can use a grout pen on dirty looking grout. Update light fixtures, add new linens and accessories, and your old bathroom will be more presentable for a quick resale.

Organize the basement and garage

Clutter and accumulated junk will not increase a home’s value. Purge your home of all unnecessary items before you put your home on the market. Buyers want value for square footage prices. Organize the basement and garage to make your home appear more spacious and with plenty of garage storage.

In general, try to put yourself in a potential buyer’s mindset when considering home improvements to increase resale value. When you look at your home realistically through the buyer’s eyes, you’ll know what to do.


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  1. Great tips for a first time home seller! These tips make an overwhelming project feel more manageable.


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