Increase Your Home’s Value with Exterior Paint

Couple-in-front-of-houseThere are many factors that go into making your home more appealing, which is especially important if you’re trying to sell it. Most people selling a home need to make some changes to the interior in order to increase the value of the property. That usually involves sprucing up the kitchen and bathrooms, important rooms buyers always look at, as well as adding a fresh coat of paint here or there to give the interior a little pizzazz.

What many sellers don’t realize is that buyers will often make a decision on a property before even setting foot inside a house, which is why curb appeal is so important.

Dutch-Boy-exterior-paintFresh coat of paint

One way to increase the appeal of your home, and add value in the process, is to use exterior paint in a way that makes your house look a few years younger. Before getting started, you should step outside and look at your property with an unbiased eye. When it comes to paint, you need to look at not only the whole of the house, but also window and door trim, which can often start to peel and flake over an extended period of time. Decide what needs to be done first, and then start making the necessary changes.

The biggest job you can take on is painting the entire exterior of your house, but this may end up being a necessary evil if the elements have taken their toll over the years. Peeling, blistering, and mildew stains are just a few of the things that can make the exterior of your house look less than its best. These kind of issues will definitely affect the value of the house when it comes time to sell, so it’s important to take care of it sooner rather than later. The money you invest will be returned in the form of increased property value.

Paint-roller-coverPainting windows and doors

If the siding is fine, look at your window frames, doors and door frames. These, too, can be damaged by the elements and make a house look worn if left unattended. To put it in perspective, try imagining your windows as the eyes of your house. If the trim is cracked and peeling, it’s the equivalent of having lines around your eyes that can make you look older than you really are. A fresh coat of pain is just like adding concealer to those aging lines.

In order for your house to stand out and look truly appealing, you need to think about the color of your front door. It’s always a good idea to add a fresh coat of paint to the door if you want to increase value, but the color choice is also important. Designers will tell you bold colors like red and orange not only make the door stand out, they also offer an inviting element to a home that bodes well when trying to sell.

-Emily Wright


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