Live Green to Save Green This Earth Day with Sears Appliances

Did you know that if every dishwasher, clothes washer and refrigerator in the U.S. was ENERGY STAR approved we would save 43 billion gallons of water and $585 million in annual energy costs?

Check out these cost-saving facts from the Sears Blue Appliance Crew to inspire you to do your part on Earth Day and beyond:

  • If you have an older refrigerator, it could be costing you over $285 per year to run it. Try replacing the old one with a new ENERGY STAR qualified unit, like the Kenmore Elite 31 cu. ft. French-Door Grab-N-Go Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator, and save about $240 a year in operating costs.
  • On average, each American family washes nearly 400 loads of laundry a year! ENERGY STAR washers, including the LG 4.7 cu. ft. Top-Load High-Efficiency Washer, have a greater capacity than conventional models – meaning fewer loads of laundry. Did we mention that over an ENERGY STAR washers’ lifetime, you’ll save over $627? That’s enough to pay for the matching dryer!
  • Dishwashers that have earned the ENERGY STAR are on average 10 percent more energy efficient, 12 percent more water efficient and cost less than $35 a year to run than standard models. Even better – this Whirlpool 24” Built-In Dishwasher uses up to 20 percent less energy!

Only Sears has ENERGY STAR qualified appliances from all 10 of the top 10 brands. Be sure to check out all of Sears’ ENERGY STAR qualified appliances in-stores and online, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and tips year-round. Happy Earth Day!

Source: EPA


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