More SYWR Points every day at more places!

SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDSSM (SYWR) is making it easier for the members to get points at even more places. You can now accelerate your point potential as  SYWR forms an alliance with Visa. Now, you can earn SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Points with our Visa Card Link Program. Simply register an eligible Visa card at and start shopping at participating Reward partners including:
  • Burger King
  • Popeyes
  • And many more!

As an added bonus, register your Visa now and receive $7 in Points (7,000 Points) for free! Register any Visa card you have in your wallet.

* Please Note: This Visa Card Link program is currently not available to Earn Points at Sears or Kmart, just Earn at participating partners indicated.

However, Members can redeem Points at Sears, Kmart or online.

You can register your card here 


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