Save on Your Winter Heating Bill

Save on Your Winter Heating Bill

Because finding ways to save money is more important than ever, picking up tips on how to conserve energy and reduce your home heating and electric bills are invaluable. Here are six ways to put some of the money you currently spend on utilities back into your monthly budget.

weather strippingFind and plug leaks around doors and windows

Check around every doorway and window in your house for drafts and cold spots. Make sure to inspect the attic and basement. Any place where warm air escapes or cool air enters makes your heating unit work harder. Sealing small holes in wooden frames with caulk and replacing old weather stripping along edges is the fastest way to reduce energy use and trim heating bills.

Inspect the heating ducts

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that one-fifth of heated air moving through ducts can be lost through small holes and gaps. Be sure each junction is secured with duct tape and that any sections pocked with holes get replaced.

Add or replace insulation in your attic and basement or crawlspace

Properly insulating your home’s attic floor, exterior walls and space between the bottom floor and basement or crawlspace can save you up to 10 percent off your energy bill each year. The EPA offers this chart for determining the optimal thickness of different grades and forms of insulation.

Keep air filters clean

Changing the filters in your heating and cooling system is probably one of your least favorite household chores. Regardless, replacing a filter as soon as it gets visibly dirty is essential. When you ignore the problem, dust particles build up throughout the system, air flow is reduced and the system has to work increasingly harder to deliver less conditioned air. In addition to lowering energy costs, regularly installing clean air filters prevents breakdowns and reduces the need for major repairs.

thermostatUpgrade to an energy-efficient thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat installed pays for itself by ensuring energy savings. Use the minicomputer to run the heater at its highest setting only during the hours when you are home and awake. It won’t take long to see smaller energy bills.
Conserve energy during the winter by keeping the temperature inside your house as low as you can stand without becoming too uncomfortable, even if that means you and your family members have to wear sweaters.


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  1. Lower your bills bye installing a heat recovery unit or energy recovery unit and optimize the load using outdoor fresh air. Weather you prefer a cycle time adjustment on a Honeywell thermostat or a horse hair humidistat coupled with a swing of four degrees from set point there is one reason to incur a cost for comfort. I believe when energy comes down to cost, supply and demand, we tend to negate feeling. How do you feel at sixty five degrees? How do you feel at seventy five degrees with thirty percent humidity? My super woman keeps the house around sixty to sixty five degrees in the winter and knits us warm wool blankets for bed while we snuggle up with cozy sweatshirts and pajama bottoms. Slippers are a must for cold floors with out a radiant warming system and the daily fireplace or wood stove stoking is a tradition America needs to keep. Sears has those French press coffee pots, and I suggest you pick one up to enjoy write about how I'm making you feel....


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