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Smart Health & Fitness

Customize your workout with smart fitness supplies

Smart fitness supplies utilize cutting-edge technology to bring you closer to short and long-term fitness goals. From wireless activity trackers for monitoring vital health statistics to Bluetooth-enabled scales, these high-tech devices track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress with a user-friendly design. Upgrade your workouts with smart health equipment, scales, health monitors and heart monitors from Sears.

Step on a smart treadmill for a customized workout and connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to a compatible TV and stay entertained while you exercise. You can also try smart cycles that feature built-in training apps or elliptical machines with integrated web browsing to mix up any routine. Strap on a wireless heart rate monitor to track every workout and easily upload the data to popular health apps.

If weight loss is your goal, consider smart scales and health monitors. Smart scales keep a log of each daily weigh-in, transferring the data wirelessly. Many apps even create custom graphs and charts, so you can view weekly and monthly progress at a glance. If you want to boost your activity level, try a smart activity tracker. These wearable pieces wrap around the wrist like a sleek smart watch, while monitoring everything from hours slept to steps traveled. Many models can also connect to other smart health equipment for greater convenience. Keep track of your progress towards fitness goals with smart fitness supplies from Sears.