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Smart Lighting & Thermostats

Control energy use and set the mood with smart lighting and thermostat systems

Smart lighting and thermostat systems seem futuristic, but are quickly becoming popular home accessories. They transform your house into a home that can respond to your arrival by switching on relaxing lighting and setting the temperature just where you need it after a long day at work. Sears has smart home technologies like thermostats, lighting and outlets that sync up through a wireless router and are manageable from anywhere with a smartphone and network access.

With smart lighting and thermostat systems set up in a home or business, you can reduce energy waste. Just program the heating or air conditioning to only run when you're around. You can dim or activate the lights as well with just a simple smartphone or tablet app. Smart bulbs can be programmed with a timer or set to turn on after dark.

Upgrading to a smart home simply makes life more fun and convenient. Switch over to a cool and relaxing scene in the living room with blue lights as the air conditioning kicks on in the height of summer, or set your lights to pulse and change color in time with music for a fun party atmosphere. Discover the benefits of a connected home, upgrade with smart lighting and thermostats from Sears.