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Smart Wearables

Smart wearables let you accessorize with the latest technology

Smart wearables are a streamlined solution for that give you access to the convenience of portable electronics without feeling weighed down. Lightweight devices like smart watches and health monitors are worn on the body. These wireless devices are so comfortable that you may forget you're wearing them, until you receive an alert or notification. With a smart watch, you can glance at emails without rummaging through a laptop case or check your daily mileage while you're on a run or walk.

A smart watch acts like your own personal assistant. Wake up bright and early to a pre-set alarm and check your schedule for the day. Wirelessly sync your cell phone and smartwatch for extra convenience. Before leaving for work, your watch can notify you of inclement weather conditions so that you're able to prepare accordingly. During the day, you can check messages and notifications right from your wrist. Set it up so that a slight vibration will remind you to check the color touchscreen. At the end of the day, grab a pair of Bluetooth headphones and unwind while streaming music.

Wearable technology from Sears can help you get the most out of your workouts whether you just joined the gym or you're refining your training regimen. Low-profile wireless health monitors clip onto clothing or wrap around the wrist. Easily track calories burned throughout the day, distances walked, or monitor your heart rate during exercise with simple controls. Smart wearables make life easier and more stylish.