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Check in on the Kids, Welcome Guests and more with new Smart Security Cameras

Whether you're keeping track of a new baby boy or girl, travel frequently or just want a convenient way to greet visitors, smart security cameras can help you visually monitor spaces throughout your home. These discreet cameras may be used on their own or can be synced with smart home monitoring systems. Simply install the cameras in the locations of your choice and access the footage at any time from compatible electronic devices, like a tablet or smartphone. Stay alert with smart home cameras from Sears.

Install a smart home camera in the nursery to monitor your bundle of joy at any time. Night vision features provide clear graphics, even in low light conditions. Homeowners can also access footage remotely while panning, tilting and zooming the camera. Set up smart security cameras before a weekend vacation to keep tabs on your home from miles away. You can even request push notifications if the cameras detect sound, like alarms from the smart smoke detector.

Whatever your home needs for peace of mind, you can find the right outdoor camera to suit your property. The wireless design is easy to install anywhere without loose cords. Protect your home with smart security cameras from Sears.