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Wireless Home Monitoring & Safety Devices

Protect your house from anywhere with wireless home monitors

Home safety devices give houses a high-tech security upgrade without excessive wiring or remodeling. Sears knows that not every home needs a complete home security system, but many homeowners still want the peace of mind that comes with being able to check in on their house or property and ensure that everything is safe and secure. With wireless home monitoring systems and cameras, you can access video and audio from your home on your tablet or smartphone.

Security is about more than just being able to see if someone is in or around your home. Smart door locks let you use Bluetooth-enabled devices as keys, sending digital keys to friends or family if they need access to your home, and a smart garage door opener uses a smartphone or tablet to raise or lower your garage door in case you forget to before driving away. If you have a baby or young child in the home, standard wireless home monitors may not bring the peace of mind you need, but a smart baby monitor sends push notifications, pictures, audio and video of your baby's room straight to your smartphone.

Home safety devices have come a long way by incorporating cutting edge Wi-Fi technology and the convenience of portable electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. Rest easier knowing your house is safe and secure with wireless home monitors from Sears.