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Connected Solutions: Lifestyle Integrated Electronics

When it comes to simplifying a busy life, convenience is key. Integrate your electronics and devices with Connection solutions at Sears. With a wide selection of smart devices ranging from smart locks to security cameras to fitness tracking devices, Connected Solutions makes it easy to streamline every aspect of your life.It's time to upgrade your home media experience, and Sears has the solution. Set up a cinema-quality home theater with a Samsung smart TV, and experience crystal-clear sound when you connect the iLive smart speakers. Your movies and video games will look their absolute best on a big screen from Sears, and you'll have an unparalleled level of control over volume, playback and recording when you're using smart TV technology. Don't forget that you can stream videos and music through a smart hub from Netgear or Linksys and you can surf your favorite media sites right in the comfort of your own living room.Connected Solutions doesn't just deliver an integrated entertainment experience; at Sears, we take your safety seriously, too. That's why we offer a complete line of smart security products to help you create a safe living space for your family. Belkin smart security cameras help catch interlopers in the act by recording incident data in real time for the authorities. Smart door locks from Schlage and Locknetics give you fast access to your home with the touch of a button while keeping intruders safely outside. From home safety to entertainment to personal fitness, Sears offers devices to enhance every aspect of life. Get wired in with Connected Solutions smart home automation today.