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When can I schedule the Installation Service?

A Sears' approved professional contractor will contact you by 9pm the next business (excludes Sundays and Holidays) day from purchase date to schedule based on the product availability.

(If you are purchasing a Water Heater contact our knowledgeable Water Heater sales team at 1-800-549-7853)

Why can’t you give me a timeframe and when will I be provided one?

A Sears' approved professional contractor will contact you the night before the scheduled date and provide you a four hour time window. On the day of service the contractor will provide a 30 minute call ahead prior to arriving at your home.

Basic Installation and Additional Charges

What is included in the installation price?

The basic installation includes the removal of an existing unit, connecting the new unit to code approved utilities and placing the old unit in an accessible place. The disposal of the old item is not included in basic installation but can be purchased as Haul Away service if required. 

Why was I charged more during installation, I thought I paid for this service already?

The basic installation does not include locally required permits, disposal or upgrades needed to bring the home up to code. The contractor will assess the site prior to completing work and provide you a quote for any additional work that may be needed up front.

General Questions

Is the installation contractor an employee of Sears?

Sears supports local communities. Installation contractors are local third party companies that have been fully vetted by Sears.

Are all contractors licensed and background checked?

Yes. Sears' approved professional contractors are background checked and verified that all local licensed requirements are met because your safety and confidence is important to us.  

Will the contractor show up in a Truck/Uniform with a Sears Logo?

Sears professional contractors are third party companies that have been fully vetted by Sears and will be in appropriate attire with their company vehicles.

Why do we have to have someone over the age of 18 at home before installation can take place?

A legal adult must be present at the time of installation to be able sign confirmation of services rendered and be able to make decisions if additional work is required outside of the basic installation.

Why do I have to stay at the home during the full time of installation?   

A legal adult must be present during the duration of the installation service to sign off confirming that the correct product was installed to your satisfaction, address any additional upgrades as well all parties overall protection.

How long is the installation guaranteed?  

Sears' professional installation is backed by a 1 year labor guarantee, one of the strongest in the industry. Product is covered by the manufacturer's guarantee (limited) or Sears Master Protection Agreement which provides the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. 

Can Sears install used appliances?    

Sears only installs product purchased from Sears both new out of the box and Outlet units.

Why can’t the installation take place on the same day we get item home delivered?

If the unit is being shipped to your home via UPS or our Delivery team the contractor needs to confirm the unit has arrived prior to scheduling a time frame. Due to this the contractor will set the installation scheduled day the day after the product is available at the home.    

Does Sears install Garage Doors?  

Yes. For Garage Doors, remodeling, boilers, central A/C or other home remodeling items please call Sears' Home Improvement at 1-800-469-4663.

For specific Installation Type or Questions with local requirements contact our knowledgeable sales team at 1-800-497-4402


Common questions may include:

  • Are you upgrading to a different model and/or replacing a non-working item?
  • Has the current appliance/item caused breaker trip/fuse burnout?
  • Is the site in which installation is needed accessible for our installer?
  • Do we handle conversion to propane?
  • Is there coverage in my area?
  • How much is installation?
  • I'm trying to set up and install my product, are you able to walk me through it?

For post installation questions or concerns please contact our knowledgeable Customer Care team at 1-800-497-4402

Common questions may include:

  • What do we do if there is a problem with the installation while contractor is in our home?
  • Who do we call if I want to report damages to Sears?
  • Who do I call if I have any follow up questions on my installation services?