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Appliance Delivery


Tips to Prepare Your Home for Delivery


Follow these simple steps before your delivery time to help make the arrival of your new appliance quick and easy.

Jot down the dimensions of the unit, grab a measuring tape and do the following:

  • Make sure the unit fits through all doorways and halls as well as up and down any stairs
  • Remove items on the floor and walls of your home that might be in the way (rugs, shelves, picture frames, etc.)
  • Outside your home, move any vehicles and clear a path from the street (snow, ice, debris, etc.) to your door
  • Put any pets in a separate area away from the delivery path

If you visit a store, an associate can give you a "Walk the Path" kit to help get ready.

For questions relating to your order, please see the following pages:



Measure Your Space Before Your Delivery


Make sure your item fits in your home with our measurement guides.