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Activeon Action Cameras - Never Miss a Moment
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You'll never miss the action with the new Activeon CX action camera. The amazing resolution lets you capture HD video wherever the trail takes you.

  • Capture full-1080 HD video at 30 f/ps for amazing footage that looks great on any screen
  • A 2" LCD view screen makes sure you're capturing the best footage
  • Built-in WiFi streams video to your smartphone via the Activeon app for seamless uploading

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Many Ways to Mount Your Camera

  • Activeon Universal Suction Mount

    Universal Suction Mount

    Suction the camera to your car's side mirror, boat's bow or motorcycle's fender to film any angle you can imagine.
  • Activeon Head Strap Mount

    Head Strap Mount

    Film wherever you look by utilizing the head mount for great first-person POV footage.
  • Chest Strap Mount

    Chest Strap Mount

    Go completely hands free to make filming so easy you'll forget you're wearing it.
  • Roll Bar Mount

    Roll Bar Mount

    Hook onto handlebars, bike forks and roll cages for high-speed moto shots.

  • Activeon Selfie Stick

    Selfie Stick

    Hold the camera at a distance to get great shots of yourself when you're on the move.
  • Activeon Motorsports Mount

    Motorsports Mount

    Rev the engine up and hold on as you create amazing high-speed motorsports clips.
  • Activeon Surfboard Mount

    Surfboard Mount

    Strap a camera to your surf or skateboard and film every barrel and kickflip.
  • Activeon Bag of Mounts

    Bag of Mounts

    Set up multiple cameras and give viewers an immersive adventure experience.

Don't Miss Any Action

Activeon action camera rechargeable batteries and dual battery charger
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Rechargeable Battery

Film for two hours on a single charge with a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

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Dual Battery Charger

Charge two batteries at a time, so you're not left sitting on the sidelines when one runs out of juice.

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Activeon action camera faceplates

See What It Can Do

Now that you know everything about Activeon Action Cameras, take a look at what one can do when you put it to the test.

Activeon action cameras capture any adventure

When you're in the middle of a wave, bike ride or underwater adventure, you don't have time to stop and set up a shot. Activeon action cameras let you capture the perfect shot without taking your attention off the activity. That way you can fully enjoy the moment and still record your day to watch later.

What makes Activeon different than other action cameras is its ability to capture full 1080 HD video at 30 fps. This feature is what delivers cinema-quality movies that'll look great on any screen. The included 2" LCD view screen will let you check in on your footage to make sure the camera is seeing exactly what you want it to see. Activeon cameras are built to go anywhere and do anything. Waterproof housing and a wide array of mounts let you get the perfect shot at any angle and in any weather. Plus, the universal screw mount makes these cameras compatible with virtually any tripod you have. 

Staying hands-free while you record is key to making great action films. From biking to surfing and everything in between, Activeon action cameras will preserve all of your most adrenaline-filled moments. Simply attach the camera to you or your gear, press record and enjoy the ride. Use the Activeon app on your smartphone to seamlessly store your footage, or attach it to your computer and edit the video together for the perfect adventure film. Then upload the clip and wow your friends with your latest high-speed conquest.